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    Welcome to KMSS
    The students will be so far beyond others in their age group
    that their excellence in all areas of endeavour will be immediately
    obvious to any observer.
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    Building Ummah
    For Better Ummah
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    Conducive Learning
    Tahfiz Experience
    Parents' Guide

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What We Offer

Good & Learning Environment

Provide Good learning environment with good syllabus.

Conducive Learning

Conducive learning experience with the facilities provided.

Holistic Subjects

Syllabus comprise of Sciences, Religious and other activities.

Co-curricular Activities

Students are encourage to join co-curricular activities to improve their capabilities.

Parent Online Services

Provide an online platform for parents to access their children in classes.


KMSS want to produce students not only focusing on Dunya but also in the hereafter.

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