Khalifah Model School (Secondary) is a integrated school that integrates revealed knowledge and scientific knowledge, Syariatullah dan Sunnatullah.

The Uniqueness of the School
The school as a whole (institution, curriculum and pedagogy) is based on the module of Khalifah Method which founded by Prof Muhammad al'Mahdi Jenkins, to the world view and the law of learning.

Khalifah Method comprises of:

  • Positive, accurate and motivating world view
  • Law of learning

Contextual Learning
Khalifah Model School (Secondary) is practicing P&P based on semester system whereby there are three semesters in a year.

As for non-academic semester, students will undergo learning skilled programs, language efficiency, character building, public speaking and lifelong module like farming, culinary, volunteering and philanthropy activities, basic archeology and history and students exchanged program in and outside of the country.

Character and Disciplinary Building
Khalifah Model School (Secondary) uses positive enforcement methodology and stays away from any forms of negative disciplinary such as abusive words, insinuation that might humiliate students and also physical violence.

Khalifah Method is the blueprint for school to implement the concept of kind and firm which is being gentle to the physical and in communication, but firm in implementing the principles and decisions.

"Shaping Excelent Character"

Khalifah Model School (Secondary) is practicing learning based on Leaner Centered Progressivistic Classroom.

Scientific subjects (Sunnatullah) and Diniah (Syariatullah) curriculum is illustrated based on Cambridge standard with school exit point by sitting for International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Academic program starts with four semester of foundation level that consist of these subjects:

  • Linguistic : Malay, English and Arabic
  • Sciences : Integrated Sciences ( basic combination of Chemistry, Physics and Biology) and Mathematics
  • Social Sciences: Accounting, Economics, Geography, History and World Religions
  • Diniah:
    (i) Usuluddin, comprises of Ulum al-Quran, Ulum al-Hadith, Aqidah and Tadabbur
    (ii) Fiqh, comprises of Fiqh Ibadat, Munakahat and Muamalat
    (iii) History and Islamic Civilization, comprises Sirah, al-Khulafa al-Rshidun and Muslims Governments.

Meanwhile, for IGCSE subjects, the school offers a special class for these subjects: Malay, English, Arab, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Geography, History and Islamiyyat.

Students are shaped to have self-confidence and perceived themselves as a vicegerent of Allah to serve three responsibilities:

  • Choose to be good
  • Help others become good
  • Make the physical world clean and beautiful, pleasing to Allah

All of these elements are embedded in all school's programs, including academic. During class session, for example in Mathematics class, students will practice high order thinking whereby, how by learning Mathematics could make themselves become good, help others become good and make the physical world good.